Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tao, photography and trading

So, being a trader, a photographer and a student of Taoism, what am I to do when I run into the (excellent) book named Tao of Photography? Why, look for analogies with trading of course. I mean, two of the components are there, gotta look for the third. Didn't take too long to see the similarities in how Tom Ang applies Taoist principles to photography and I - to trading. Read on:

"The technique of the wise is ever-present, but never evident... Technique empowers the individual but it does not dominate. It must be learned and absorbed via a process of long training, but then falls from consciousness. The aim of technique is to provide fluency - an unbroken movement flowing from thought and conception through to production..."

Sounds familiar? It should. Automatic reactions on whatever market does - reactions seemingly so instant as if events were foreseen... that's how experienced trader's actions look to a side observer. Did he really foresee sudden news that just hot the marketplace? Of course not - it's years of training that instilled this ability to react instantly and unconsciously. Re-read this description of the third stage of trader's development, and you will see the same motives.  Re-read this post about gunslinger in Stephen King's novel, applying templates to be ready to any development (If - Then scenarios for traders?) Remember my often-said motto: "Trading is simple, but it is through many complications that you arrive to this simplicity." Finally, our trading room members will remember the slogan they see when enter the room: Don't interrupt your brain's work by thinking.

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